When the winter months arrive, they also bring a promise of icy and snowy conditions. Fortunately, Land Design Network has a full team of professional specialists to deal with this fallout. For us, landscaping is not a seasonal business, as we incorporate commercial ice management and snow removal in our range of landscaping services. We take a proactive approach to your ice and snow management needs, assigning a project manager to your property to provide the personal attention it deserves.

With our fleet of specialist vehicles for commercial snow management and plowing, and using the latest advanced products, we can dedicate maximum effort to clearing your walkways and roadways.

Commercial ice and snow removal starts before the temperatures drop and continue well after. Land Design Network is connected to advanced weather services for the latest details on emerging or ongoing weather conditions throughout New Jersey.

We provide each of our client’s properties with a team of experienced professionals who will not only maintain detailed storm records but are also readily committed to accident prevention. Procedures, like receiving condition reports, documenting temperatures, allotting specific locations and times where material and equipment need to be used, and ensuring the on-site personnel, follow a strict schedule for arrival and departure times are in place to guarantee our accountability for every inch of your commercial property. So, you can have complete confidence at any time of the year.

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